10 proven recipes for cleaning joints

Potato water - this is the water that remains after cooking potatoes in their skins (in the "uniform"). It helps cleanse the body, removes toxins, "smoothes" the intestines, relieves intestinal walls from mucus and "scum".

Potato water drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, during the day and in the evening before bedtime has a positive effect on arthritis.

Also with polyarthritis, it is the potato broth that perfectly cleans the joints: Boil one kilogram of unpeeled potatoes in small pieces for one hour and twenty minutes, in three liters of water.

Then strain, slightly squeeze. Drink decoction when you want.

Clearing a decoction of sunflower roots according to Bolotov:

Tea from the roots of a sunflower perfectly dissolves various salts in our body, thereby cleansing our joints from salt. In autumn it is necessary to prepare thick parts of the roots, hairy tops cut and discarded. Roots should be thoroughly washed and dried, before applying, crush into small pieces approximately the size of a bean.

To prepare the broth, pour one glass of the roots with three liters of water, then boil for 1 -2 minutes. This broth to drink within 2 - 3 days. The roots are not thrown away, but placed in a refrigerator, after which they are again poured with three liters of water, but they have been boiling for five minutes, the resulting broth is drunk again for 2 to 3 days. Then they take a new portion of the roots, and repeat the above procedure for three days, the duration of such treatment can be a month longer.

When this folk remedy is applied, the salt begins to be excreted after two weeks of treatment, this can be noticed by urine turbidity, as soon as the urine becomes transparent, the treatment can be completed. According to B.V. Bolotov, if you collect urine and defend it, then you can see how much salt was contained in the body. In an adult, sometimes it takes about 2-3 kg.

When cleaning with sunflower roots, you must follow a diet, exclude spicy and salty dishes, as well as vinegar. Your menu should be predominantly vegetable.

Cleansing the joints with mandarins

So, having cleaned the intestines beforehand, you can do the most profound cleansing, or to be more precise, cleansing the joints with folk remedies. This tool is a childhood favorite mandarin. And for this purpose, the whole mandarin is used, both the pulp and the peel. In addition to powerful healing properties, mandarin also has antimicrobial properties. During the day you need to eat about seven mandarins. They can be eaten both before meals and between meals. Before cleaning the mandarin, rinse it thoroughly. After that, the rind of the mandarin must be dried. Dry the peel is best in a dark and warm place. As soon as the peel dries, it must be crushed. This is best done manually or using a mortar. It is not necessary to apply different mechanical devices for grinding. From the thus harvested peel brew healing tea. This healing drink is prepared this way: mix one teaspoon of crushed mandarin peel and one teaspoon of currant leaves. The resulting mixture pour a glass of boiling water, insist 30 minutes. After that, strain freshly brewed tea, and drink 30 minutes before eating. Use this tea 3 times a day, for each drink, prepare fresh tea.

The process of cleansing the joints continues for 1 or three months. The man begins to feel that he felt better. However, when the first signs of improvement appear, you should not stop the purification. For 2-3 weeks after improvement, continue to drink healing tea, and follow a diet. Adhering to all these recommendations, do not forget about the cabbage, it is the cabbage best friend of the joints. It is necessary to eat cabbage in any species, and fresh and fermented and boiled. Cabbage has a good effect on digestion, while removing harmful substances from the body. Cabbage leaves are also applied to sore joints. Cabbage leaves reduce pain, relieve swelling at the joints.

Chestnuts treat not only the joints

I live in my house with a backyard. On the site grow flowers trees, among which there is a chestnut. In the spring, the whole chestnut is covered with beautiful large pyramidal inflorescences. To collect chestnuts, I need help, and my brother-in-law Valera helps me a lot with this. Once in 2001, our local therapist turned to me, and asked me for some of the fruits of chestnut, for her good friend. As it turned out, this woman knows the recipe for chestnut tincture. I phoned this woman, we agreed to meet, where she gave me this wonderful recipe. To prepare this tincture will need 300 grams of horse chestnut fruit. Chestnuts should be removed from the brown crust, chop. In a floor - a liter bottle from dark glass to fill in the crushed chestnuts, to fill in with vodka to the very neck, then tightly to close a cover. Let it stand for two weeks in a dark, warm place, shaking every day. Tincture is stored for a long time, up to several years.

I was often tormented by pain in the joints, and my shoulders and hands were aching, and it was so hard that it was impossible to sleep. Every day I began to rub the tincture of horse chestnut in the sore spots, the pain began to fade. I was treated for a whole year. In addition, I got rid of itching and painful calluses. Every night before bed I will lean against a chestnut, after that I sleep very quietly all night. In addition, the tincture of chestnut, I took and inside. But for such purposes tincture prepares a little differently. The recipe is as follows: 50 grams of fruits or flowers of horse chestnut pour 0.6 liters of vodka. Give for two weeks to insist in a warm place, shaking every day. Then strain and store in a dark place. Use 30 - 40 drops 3-4 times a day for 3 - 4 weeks.

Those who are concerned about the joints

From pain in the joints helps me get rid of celandine. In the spring during the flowering of the plant, I tear it up completely, clean it from dry and yellow leaves and soil, twist it in a meat grinder. After that, using a cotton fabric or a waffle towel, I squeeze out the juice, dilute the juice 1: 1 with strong home-brew, you can rub the aching joints with the resulting rubbing. Perfectly helps.

I used to be very worried about pain in the hip joint, this debilitating pain kept me awake. After he began to rub the juice of celandine, the pain disappeared. Also rubbed into his knees and shoulder joints. My knees stopped hurting. With the shoulder joints had to work hard. But I did not give up and for a long time I still rubbed the juice of celandine with moonshine, and finally achieved the desired result. Today I can move my hand.

Cow's feet decoction

There is another excellent folk remedy to clean the joints. I learned this method when I lived in Azerbaijan. This dish is national and I ate it there often enough, it is called hash. It is prepared from obsmallenny, peeled from hair, wool, hoofs and soot of cow legs.

All this is boiled down to a sticky, thick state similar to that of a jelly, they eat hot. During cooking, add gastric meat, cleared of the inner layer. While I often ate this dish, I was not disturbed by my knees or joints. But not everyone can cook such a dish, so you have to use other methods of treatment.

Grinding agent

Wash an egg (not an incubator) well with water, put in a mayonnaise jar so that it does not break, pour 5% to 9% vinegar to the brim. Close the jar with a lid in a dark, cold place for two weeks. After two weeks you will see that the shell has dissolved, leaving only the egg in the film. Shake the film thoroughly shake the entire contents, leave for another two days. The rubbing is done.

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Recipes "from the people" to clean the joints

Recipe number 1. Alkaline (phosphate) salts cause osteochondrosis. They are usually deposited on the spine. Clear it will help a decoction of pears. For the preparation of a healing drink to cleanse and strengthen the joints, young pear shoots are required.

You should take a few small twigs, chop them and pour a liter of boiling water. After that, the composition must be boiled for 10 minutes on low heat. Two hours drug insist in a dark place. All broth should be drunk during the day. The next day a new batch is being prepared.

Recipe number 2. Salts can be removed from the body and restore the work of the joints and the spine using infusions of wild carrot. It will take inflorescences of plants. To prepare the infusion should take one "umbrella". Pour it with a glass of boiling water and let it brew for two hours. During the day, drink infusion. Single dose: 50 milliliters.

Recipe number 3. At home, traditional medicine suggests using a decoction from the collection of such herbs:

  • mint,
  • calendula flowers,
  • herbs St. John's wort,
  • violets,
  • dill seed.

All herbs are mixed in equal proportions. Then two spoons of collection pour 500 ml of boiling water and put on a small fire. Boil for 5 minutes, remove from heat and allow to cool. Take a decoction of 100 ml four times a day. Treatment usually takes 30 days.

Recipe number 4. Helps to clean the joints of salts and get rid of gout tincture from the seeds of dill. You should take one glass of raw materials and half a liter of alcohol. Insist a week, then strain. The finished tincture is taken in a teaspoon, it is recommended to be diluted in 2 tablespoons of water. The course of treatment, taking into account taking the medication three times a day, is 15 days.

Recipe number 5. Perfectly removes excess salt bay leaf. This simple homemade recipe will improve the condition of the body, help to remove pain in the spine and joints.

You need to take 300 milliliters of water, boil and throw 20 pieces of bay leaves into it. Again put on fire and boil for 5 minutes. Then pour everything into a thermos and let it brew well (4 hours). Take infusion of two tablespoons every hour. And so - 3 days. Then do a twenty-day break and repeat the treatment. This cleaning should be done every six months.

Recipe number 6. Cleaning the joints with brown rice is widely popular among people. Brown or brown rice contains a lot of fiber. Due to this, the grass is able to excrete toxins, salts and excess substances. Prepare it that way.

In the beginning - well washed and soaked to starch came out. It will take 5 half-liter cans.

  1. On the first day in 1 jar you need to put two tablespoons of rice and fill with water.
  2. The next day, the water from the jars is drained, the rice is washed and refilled with water.
  3. So do alternately with the other banks.
  4. On the fifth day, the whole container will be filled with water and rice.
  5. On the sixth day, you need to use rice from the 1st bank. From it boil liquid porridge in water. And in the released jar again put the rice and fill with water.

The treatment lasts 40 days, so each bank will have to be used 8 times. After taking porridge can not eat water and food for more than 4 hours. During the treatment of joints rice cleaning, you need to use potassium, as it is excreted from the body along with salts. This element is found in honey, raisins, dried apricots, baked potatoes, millet porridge, fish, apple cider vinegar.

Rprescription number 7. With the deposition of harmful salts on the joints can be fought with celery. In addition, this vegetable culture is very rich in vitamins and valuable trace elements necessary for health. From the roots of the plant is prepared such a healing infusion.

One spoon of the crushed raw materials is filled in with one liter of hot water and allowed to infuse. Take the infusion three times a day for a tablespoon. Even better to use fresh juice from the root. They drink it the same way. The course of treatment: a month - reception, two weeks - a break and again a month - reception.

Recipe number 8. Perfectly cleans the joints, removes slags and salts from the body, potato broth. To cook it, you need to take the unpeeled potatoes and cook in water. For 1 kg of this vegetable will need three liters of water. Cooking time should be 1 hour 20 minutes. Take a decoction during the day instead of water.

Due to the presence of joints, a person has the opportunity not only to move, but also to perform work that requires accuracy and skill. Therefore, any discomfort in this well-established mechanism suggests that somewhere we did not inspect and missed the disease. To further not complain of pain, swelling, stiffness in the joints, remember a few rules:

- Bad habits need to be left in the past and not return to them,
- Move actively
- Eat right,
- Undergo a routine inspection.

You can also use folk remedies / recipes for cleansing the joints, but without consultation with your doctor you should not use them.

Recipe number 9. Get rid of the deposited salts on the joints and increase their elasticity decoction of sunflower root. It is necessary to take a glass of shredded roots and pour them with three liters of water. Next, put the pot on the fire and boil for two minutes.

Broth should drink a liter per day. When it is over, you can pour water into the same roots again and boil it, but already five minutes. The third time (the last) pour roots and boil for ten minutes. They drink. For the fourth time, you need to take a new raw material.

The duration of treatment should be at least three weeks. Rusty urine color may be observed: it is being cleaned. When the urine becomes clear, the treatment can be stopped. During the cleaning, it is necessary to completely eliminate the sharp, salty and acidic foods from the diet.

Recipe number 10. There is a very tasty and useful tool that will clean the joints of all that is superfluous. This is everyone's favorite - Mandarin! A day should eat at least seven pieces of this citrus.

Peel, too, do not throw away. It is washed and dried. Then crushed into powder and added to drinks. It will be even more effective to “work” the remedy if you add dried black currant leaves to the peel.

One tablespoon of the mixture is poured a glass of boiling water and infused for 20 minutes. This tea should be drunk 3 times a day before meals. The course of treatment: three months.

Folk remedies for cleansing the joints must be used not only for treatment, but also as a preventive measure for diseases. Watch your diet: Limit salt, fatty, smoked and spicy foods in the diet. Do not overeat! Fight with excess weight! Engage in morning exercises! Take care of your health!

Effective methods of cleansing the joints of harmful deposits

1. Using a decoction of potatoes, for this you need to take a kilogram of potatoes fresh, wash it well, do not need to be cleaned, then chopped, put into a saucepan, add water. Cook on low heat for two hours. When the decoction is ready, it must be drained. You need to drink it up to three times a day for 200 ml - a course of three weeks.

2. To clean the joints, you can use black radish, for this you need to make juice from it and drink it up to three times a day. One course of treatment will require 10 kg of radish. You do not need to clean the radish, you need to wash it well.

3. Excellent cleans the joints of rice, for cleaning it will take two kilograms of rice, it must be elongated and unbleached, have a yellow tint. In the evening you need to sort out, wash and soak overnight a glass of rice. Wash it thoroughly in the morning, add 400 ml of water, boil everything well until the rice melts. Then all divided into 4 parts, all you need to eat in a day, slowly. Before you have rice, you need to drink broth hips. Liquid during cleansing on the first day, except for the broth of hips, you need to limit.Next, before you eat rice, you must drink a glass of purified mineral non-carbonated water. The course of rice purification should last up to one month, two days need to be cleaned, then three to rest.

4. Constantly monitor the condition of your joints, pay attention to the food, it should consist of fresh vegetables, fruits, certainly cottage cheese and sea fish.

Dietary food to cleanse the joints of harmful deposits

It is very important to pay attention to your diet, if you eat properly, you can improve the condition of the joints, get rid of pain, do not let the inflammatory process worsen. Remember that the joints hurt and crunch due to the fact that they debug the salt, because of this, a person becomes not able to work, all this can lead to disability. Gout occurs due to the fact that the salt metabolism of uric acid is disturbed, then a large amount of salts begin to appear in the kidneys, joints, which eventually develop into gout nodes. Gout can be caused by genetic factors or occur due to the fact that a person is malnourished, there is a lot of fatty, spicy, abused alcoholic beverages. Often, gout is typical for people who have urolithiasis, salts are debugged due to the fact that a person has problems with the bladder, kidneys and other systemic organs, they are responsible for the metabolism.

If the deposition of salts has arisen due to urolithiasis, you need to pay attention to the diet, to abandon foods such as liver, kidney, meat, broth from the meat. If urine analysis shows oxalate, you need to give up products that include oxalic acid - figs, sorrel, cocoa, aspic, chocolate. Be sure to in the diet should be present apples, pears, grapes, plums, using them you can derive oxalates. If a person is disturbed by phosphate salts, it is necessary to abandon raspberries, dairy products, strawberries, and include eggs, vegetables, bread, and fruits in the diet.

Severe pain in gout appears when large amounts of uric acid accumulate, so you need to abandon those products that have a large amount of purines in their composition, these substances, when they begin to break down, form acids.

Recipes for cleansing the joints of harmful deposits

1. Every day you need to eat salads with green and black radish, a course of up to three weeks.

2. You need 10 days to use this mixture, it will need apple cider vinegar - two teaspoons, natural honey, a glass of water. Drink a day to two glasses.

3. In 300 ml of water you need to boil five bay leaves, cool for 30 minutes, dilute the broth in water. The course of treatment is 5 days, drink 200 ml every hour.

4. Every day you need to eat along with the peel one raw potato, drink water, add lemon juice to it.

5. Brew and consume tea with celery and parsley. Treatment hens up to 12 days.

6. Be sure to in the daily diet should contain tea with dandelions.

7. Women are recommended to use this tincture to cleanse the joints, it will take dandelion flowers, they need to be placed in a jar, then zoliv vodka, close and insist up to three weeks. Before use, you need a tincture - dilute one teaspoon in a half glass of water.

8. Get rid of harmful deposits, this healing tea will help, for it they use field horsetail, knotweed, bearberry, sunflower, pumpkin tails and watermelon peels. The course of purification is not more than two weeks.

9. Cleansing the joints using bay leaf, decoction helps to expand the microvessels, while improving the metabolism, thus, excess amount of salt is removed. In order to prepare a decoction based on bay leaf, it is necessary to take up to 5 grams, brew in 400 ml of water, boil everything for up to 10 minutes, steam in a thermos for up to 4 hours. This decoction should not be consumed in large quantities, because bleeding may occur. Bay leaf in its composition has substances that expand the microvessels, when you use it in large quantities, you may experience severe dizziness, increase heartbeat. Urine may have a pink hue, which indicates that salts began to dissolve.

Thus, cleansing the joints of harmful substances is very important, so choose a suitable recipe for yourself and do it regularly.

5 g of bay leaf should be dipped in 300 g of water and boiled for 5 minutes followed by 3-4 hours of insisting in a thermos. Drain the solution and drink it in small sips for 12 hours (you can't do it all at once - you can trigger bleeding). The procedure is repeated 3 days. After a week, it can be repeated for another 3 days. In the days of treatment - vegetarian food.

To clean the joints in the first year - once a quarter, then - once a year and always after cleaning the intestines. Untreated intestines can be a source of allergic emissions under the influence of bay leaf decoction..
Black Radish Juice Cleansing
Keep in mind that if there are old pathologies of the joints and significant salt deposits, this method can cause some pain. There is nothing terrible in it; such pains will only indicate that the cleaning process is proceeding normally. But if you do not tolerate physical pain, it is better to refuse this method of cleaning. And if the salts have tortured you so that you are ready to suffer in order to get rid of them, then take a chance: black radish juice can heal even the most cruel and serious pathologies of the joints!
Take 10 kg of black radish, wash, free from the roots and, without peeling, skip through a meat grinder and squeeze the juice. Pour the juice into the jar, tightly close the lid and refrigerate.
Juice should be taken 3 times a day, regardless of diet, no more than 2 tablespoons at a time. So every day, until the juice runs out. During the period of purification, baking, fatty foods, meat, eggs and foods containing starch should be completely excluded from your diet.

Potato water peeling This method cleans the joints well and relieves inflammation in arthritis. In addition, the intestines are cleaned in this way. Potato water is the liquid that remains after boiling potatoes. Just before boiling the potatoes, rinse them well. Drink this water 3 times a day: in the morning on an empty stomach, in the middle of the day and immediately before bedtime - for two weeks, then take a break for 2 weeks, and then repeat the course.

With polyarthritis, potato broth is quite effective: 1 kg of unpeeled potatoes should be washed, cut into small pieces, cook for 1.5 hours, then strain and lightly squeeze. The amount of decoction and the time of its reception is determined by the desire and well-being - individually by a person undergoing a course of purification.

Cleansing the joints with a decoction of bay leaf. Newcomers to performing this procedure should clean the joints in the first year once every three months. In subsequent years - once a year. Procedure scheme:

1. Grind 5 g of bay leaf and pour 300 ml of warm water. Boil the solution for a few minutes and let it stand in a thermos for 6 hours.
2. Drink a teaspoon broth for 12 hours with mandatory breaks to avoid bleeding. Procedure to spend three days in a row. Then - a break for a week. After this cleansing of the joints can be repeated again.

Cleansing joints with rice. The ability of rice to cleanse the body of salts has long been known. Take rice in boiled form. Cook it on the water. Only in this case, it contributes to the excretion of the connective tissue (ligaments, joints, etc.) of the slags, which were deposited there and led the joints to immobility and pain. This method of cleansing the joints is quite effective. You will lose one kilogram of weight. Two of these cleansings are especially helpful when on the feet.

Procedure chart 1. Take 1 cup of rice, clean it and cover with water. Let him get wet all night. In order for rice to draw out more salt, many practitioners who are cleansing patients soak the rice for 3 days.

2. Drain and boil rice in two cups of water until water is absorbed. Then fold the rice into a colander and rinse thoroughly with mucus.

First day Divide the prepared rice into 4 servings. Take regularly at one time. Before eating rice drink broth hips.

Second day 20 minutes before taking the rice drink half a glass of water. In addition, add to your diet 500 g of boiled beets or 200 g of apples.
Repeat the procedure after 3-4 days. The course of treatment is two months with obligatory breaks. As a result, you get a good result.

The main task in cleansing the spine - achieve good blood circulation in his area. In this case, everything happens by itself. But to achieve this, it is necessary to help the body restore its abilities.

First of all, you need to go to the steam room twice a week. Instead of soap, you should use sea salt (you can cook), because it increases sweating. Rub the whole body with salt, especially sore spots.
You must follow a diet. Exclude from the food all flour, sweet, sausages and canned food, do not eat salted and fried, give up alcohol and instant coffee. Take vitamin C, drink more mineral water, increase the amount of calcium-rich foods in your diet: potatoes, calcined millet, raisins, dried apricots, apples, lemons, etc.
Frequently massage with calendula or calendula oil.
When problems with the spine helps radish. Take 1.5 glasses of finely grated radish (or its juice), 1 cup of honey, 1 tablespoon of salt and 0.5 cup of vodka. Mix it up. This tool is used for rubbing sore spots, as well as being ingested 2 tablespoons at night. It is undesirable to take this remedy constantly, so after a week of use, take a week-long break.
Take the mummy with honey. You will need 8 pieces of mummy and 180 pieces of honey. Mix the mummy with 1 tablespoon of water and leave for 16 - 18 hours, add honey to the mixture and mix well. This tool should be taken 1 teaspoon 2 times daily before meals. The course of treatment is from 15 days to 3 months.

I will add on my own ...(Will) He stirred up radish prevention ... bought 5 kg ... (and thought 5 later)

Firstly: Gemmor in her shop to choose because it gets beets, all hands are dirty ...
Second: at home it's terrible to wash everything up, cut and mince ... the stench is worth it, it cuts as much as the eyes and nose + garbage ... the stench is like hell ...
Third: Spin through juicer efficiency of 10% ... took stupid hands to press through gauze into a plate efficiency of 90%,
then the gauze was over and crushed with his hands, pouring into a jar through a large strainer. Total accumulated approximately 1800ml.
And since this is 2 tablespoons 3 times a day, then it is doubtful that it is preserved ... for this it is better 4 times 2.5 kg ...

And even better, then with Laurel Broth ... ZERO hemorrhoids ... only to clean the digestive tract before taking broth ...But a couple of simple day-to-day methods. :

What is needed for this For juice bowel cleansing you will need 2 liters of fruit or vegetable juice. You can buy ready-made juice or, if you feel like it, make it yourself, using a juicer. Of course, fresh juices are better than purchased ones. But, whatever you say, their preparation takes time. To do this, you need to peel the fruits / vegetables, chop them, put them in a juicer, etc. Therefore, if you are busy, use purchased juices - it is always better to do something 80% than nothing.

Important!When you buy juice, be sure to read the composition on the package! You need only 100% juice - without adding sugar, citric acid, etc. All sorts of drinks and nectars are not suitable for cleansing the intestines! Manufacturers, seeking to attract the attention of buyers, often cunning and large write on the package "100% quality" (and not "100% juice"). But you do not give in to these tricks - take only natural juices, without additives.

Try to buy juice in liter glass bottles, they are more expensive, but they are better in quality than juices in cartons. The fact is that in bottles / cans are sold juices of direct extraction. First they are squeezed, then immediately poured into bottles / cans and rolled up with lids. And in cartons everything is different. They squeeze the juices there, then evaporate water from them to produce a concentrate, then bring this concentrate to the plants (sometimes from abroad!), Dilute with water and put in cardboard long-term packaging - tetrapack. Feel the difference? Therefore, the best are fresh juices, in second place are those in glass bottles / cans, and in the third place in cartons.

You can purge using a single juice, such as apple juice. Or, for a change, you can take different juices, such as pomegranate, carrot, peach, orange, grapefruit, multifruit, - take what ones you like more. The main thing is that in total you had 2 liters. For example, I usually buy two juices, apple and peach.

If the juice seems to you to taste too cloying, then you can slightly dilute it with boiled water - I repeat, the main thing is that it is pleasant to you.

Practically any fruit and vegetable juices are suitable for cleaning. To determine which ones are best for you, try. But remember, one thing - just to drink a glass of juice, and quite another - to drink it all day. For example, I like orange most of all. But when I was doing the juice cleaning, I noticed that by the end of the day I had heartburn from it. That is, if you drink it all day, then it is sour for me. After that, I began to take for cleaning apple, multifruit, peach. In general, try, and the body itself will tell you: which juices do you carry better, and use them.

How to clean You should spend one day on juices only. There is nothing on this day! Drink, except for juices, too (including water), so be patient with tea and coffee until the next day. I must say: there is nothing complicated here. You just need to tune in to the fact that you can, and the victory will be yours!

Every hour, drink a glass of juice (200 g). Do not break this rule! An hour has passed - drink a glass of juice. If you miss the reception, then your appetite may develop, you will feel hunger and, God forbid, break. And if you drink a glass of juice every hour, then the feeling of hunger will be dulled and your appetite will not be played out - verified. Well, if you are used to constantly chewing on something and sucking in your stomach, be patient. After all, you do it for yourself, for your love, for your health and beauty!

How does juice cleansing work life? Very simple. Bring juice to work and drink. For convenience, you can pour it into a half-liter plastic bottles from mineral water, they can easily be placed in a medium-sized handbag. It is not necessary for everyone to report that you are cleansing. Colleagues can start you podnachivat, they say, "eat something, eat it, why do you starve yourself" - you know. So keep your little secret with you, is it anyone, except for you, not concerned, agree?

How often to clean Juice intestinal cleansing should be done once a month. Well, if you want to get an even better result, then spend it twice a month.

Kefir cleaning at home Kefir came to us from the Caucasus - it is there that there are special fungal bacteria with the help of which milk is fermented (in other places they do not multiply).

Before praising kefir (and it's worth it!), I remember what the famous scientist Mechnikov said. He believed that the main cause of aging is the process of decomposition in the intestine. According to him, we are getting old because we poison ourselves with putrefactive substances from our own guts.Metchnikov considered dairy products (primarily kefir) a powerful means of healing and rejuvenation.

Kefir promotes bowel movements, you know that. It suppresses putrefactive bacteria and cleans the internal microflora, thanks to which a healthy environment is restored in the intestine. In addition, kefir contains trace elements necessary for the body and boosts immunity. Kefir bowel cleansing will bring you great benefits!

What is needed for this For kefir cleaning will require 2 liters of kefir. It is important that it is tasty, then you will drink it with pleasure. You can take kefir with a fat content of 1%, 2.5% or 3.2% - it does not matter. Even if you start drinking kefir with the highest fat content (3.2%), then do not worry, you will not get better from it in one day. Personally, I take kefir with a fat content of 2.5% or 3.2% - I like it more than one percent.

As you know, kefirs from different manufacturers differ from each other. Take the kefir, the taste and texture of which you like (because you have to drink it all day), then the cleaning will take place with pleasure. To find "your" kefir, try different varieties and use the one that suits your taste. Fruit and sweet kefir can not be taken.

I foresee the question: can yogurt be used to clean the intestines? No you can not. After all, practically everything that we sell under the guise of yogurt is a yoghurt product. Read on the packaging composition: preservatives, thickeners, dyes, improvers and other nonsense. Is it yogurt? One name! Now, if it was a living, natural yogurt with a shelf life of a maximum of three days and in its composition only normalized milk plus ferment would have been indicated, and also possibly bifidobacteria - then another thing. Then it would be possible to take it instead of kefir. Abroad, natural yogurt is sold everywhere, but it’s almost impossible to buy from us - rarely in which store can you find it. Therefore, drink our native, natural kefirchik with a shelf life of not more than five days from the date of manufacture, and everything will be fine!

How to clean Kefir bowel cleansing is carried out in the same way as juice, and lasts one day. With the only difference that instead of juice we take kefir (or bifidokofir, it does not matter).

It is necessary to drink a glass of kefir every hour. Thus, you "deceive" the body - before it gets hungry and asks for food, you give him a handout in advance, they say, "on, get rid of me for a while!". So you can stretch until the evening without much difficulty.

Kefir, like juice, you can take with you to work or buy in the nearest store. The main thing - after returning home from work, do not break and do not eat "from the belly." Well, what can I say - you have to suffer a little, cleansing requires internal discipline, without this in any way!

How often to clean This cleaning should be done once a month. But you can and a couple of times, depending on your desire. Kefir cleaning, like juice, helps to get rid of extra pounds. If you need to urgently lose 0.5–1 kg to get into your favorite dress, then swipe it, and the result is guaranteed - checked!

When to urgently take action

If you do not respond in time to the deterioration of your health and do not pay attention to the condition of the joints, there is a risk of not only suffering from pain, but even losing the opportunity to fully move. Urgently begin to clean the joints, if you are concerned:

  • crunch in the spine and joints,
  • loss of mobility of joints
  • osteochondrosis,
  • gout,
  • arthritis and arthritis,
  • growths on the bones,
  • "Thorns" and bumps.

Note. If there was a complete cleansing of the body, you need to take a break before cleaning the joints for at least 4-6 months. Otherwise, the confusion will simply not be.

Preparation for cleaning and contraindications

Before you clean the joints, you need to prepare the body.

First you should do the intestines. There are several options for cleaning it:

  1. Prepare a saline solution (tea spoon per liter of water) with a temperature of about 40 degrees. Drink 10 glasses for 90 minutes. Sometimes you may need more. You should drink two glasses and wait for the urge to the toilet. Then drink until clean water comes out during stool.
  2. Take a laxative for the night and eat only fresh vegetables and fruits all day before.
  3. Three days in a row to drink activated carbon at the rate of one tablet per 10 kg of weight, to follow a diet of vegetables and fruits.

The next stage is cleaning the liver. If it is contaminated, it is out of the question to clean the joints effectively.

After cleansing the intestines, it is necessary to eat only plant food for 2-3 days. The day before the procedure, warm the liver day and night. On the day of cleansing drink a lot of herbal decoctions hot.

Early in the morning, pour hot water into the heating pad, apply it to the liver area, lie on your right side. When warmed up enough, drink 150 ml of oil. If the "does not go," you can take a small sip and drink lemon juice, diluted with water.

After 2-3 hours, the urge to toilet will begin. The process can be long and rather unpleasant. But "on the face" will be all the dirt and stones that have accumulated in the body.

The next stage is the cleansing of the kidneys. Week you need to drink or a special diuretic fee, which can be purchased at any pharmacy, or a decoction of leaves of lingonberry, or a decoction of birch buds. Then, continuing to take the broth, add 3 drops of fir oil and drink it three times a day 30 minutes before meals. Urine should become turbid, then sand will appear in it. If the kidneys are sick, which may be a sign of moving the stone, you should take a hot bath.

Council In order for the stones to dissolve faster at this stage, one must either jump or make regular runs.

This is such a lengthy preparation procedure, but after it, cleansing the joints with folk remedies will give a stunning and long-lasting result.

Not everyone is allowed such experiments at home. First of all, it is impossible to make it suffering from duodenal inflammation, urolithiasis.

If you feel discomfort and slight pain during the cleaning, this is normal. Imagine just how much dirt has accumulated in the body. She needs to get out. But if the body temperature rises, if the pain is too great, you need to stop cleansing and seek medical help.

Peeling rice

The boiled rice absorbs salts well, and it is this ability that is important when cleaning the joints. Only it should be borne in mind that in parallel, potassium is also excreted, therefore, its deficiency in the body should be filled.

A glass of rice should be poured two cups of water and leave overnight. Boil in the morning, rinse. Divide into 4 equal parts and eat during the day.

The next day everything is repeated. But before eating you should drink 100 ml of water, and add rice with boiled beets and fresh apple.

Three days to live a normal life, but do not lean on smoked, salty, fried. And then repeat the cleaning.

So it is necessary to do for two months.

Purification with rice is a long-known Tibetan technique. Its effectiveness has been tested for centuries.

Purification with bay leaf

This method, which is also called the Semenova method, perfectly cleans the joints and has a beneficial effect on the entire body.

A couple of large leaves of Lavrushka (about 5 oz.) Pass in a mortar or just wrinkle well with your hands. Put in a small saucepan. Pour 300 ml boiling water. Boil after boiling for 5 minutes on slow-fire, then pour into a thermos flask, leave for 5-6 hours. Strain. Take several sips throughout the day every 40 minutes.

Reception continue for three days. Then take a break for a week and repeat.

Important. Bay leaf - quite a strong allergen. Therefore, when nausea, rash, dizziness, it is necessary to stop the use of decoction.

Radish cleansing

Black radish juice - a very effective tool for cleaning joints. But it must be properly cooked. 10 kg of black radish must be washed and dipped directly into the peel in a solution of potassium permanganate for half an hour. Then take out, allow to drain excess liquid, grate on a coarse grater and squeeze the juice.

Take exactly 30 ml three times a day until the juice runs out. Do not exceed the dose.

For the period of cleaning, you should abandon harmful products in the diet, make a choice in favor of vegetables and fruits.

Important. It is necessary to store radish juice in a refrigerator in a hermetically sealed container.

Malakhov's cleansing

The method described above is taken as a basis, but it is slightly improved.

Rinse 10 tubers of black radish, squeeze out the juice. Get about three liters. Cake mix with honey at the rate of 300 ml per kilo.

Take juice at tea. spoon after an hour, gradually increasing the volume to two tablespoons, but only if there is no severe pain. Normal is permissible, in another salt will not come out.

After the juice is drunk, you need to eat fermented cake of two or three spoons during the meal.

Very important during this cleansing diet. You should eat more vegetables and fruits, give up salt, and use sugar in minimal amounts.

Lemon juice peeling

Citrus juice cleans well not only the joints, but also all internal organs. However, if there is increased acidity of the stomach, it can not be used.

Water or sugar should not be added to fresh juice. The only way to slightly soften its taste is to put it in the freezer for a few minutes and then squeeze out the juice.

Cleaning lasts 10-12 days. No need to repeat. But it is necessary to observe the dosage by day:

  1. One glass.
  2. Two glasses.
  3. Four glasses.
  4. Five glasses.
  5. Five glasses.
  6. 5 glasses.
  7. Five glasses.
  8. Five glasses.
  9. 5 glasses.
  10. Four glasses.
  11. Two glasses.
  12. One glass.

Golden Milk

Turmeric has long and effectively used traditional medicine. The deposition of salts in the joints with its help is also perfectly overcome.

For treatment, you need to pour 50 grams. seasoning 100 ml of water. Mix. Over low heat to bring to a boil. Boil for 5-7 minutes. Add a teaspoon of the mixture, a teaspoon of honey and 5-7 drops of almond oil to the boiled hot milk. Stir and drink in small sips in the evening after dinner an hour before bedtime.

The course of cleaning is 2-3 weeks.

Council To prevent problems with joints, you should regularly add turmeric to food. The exact dose for an adult is an incomplete dessert spoon.

Neumyvakin Purification

This method involves the use of hydrogen peroxide. It has long been proven that with the introduction of intravenous this penny means several times accelerates the metabolic processes in the body, stimulating its renewal and restoration.

Professor Neumyvakin began to investigate the ability of peroxide since 1966.

He proved that with the help of its ingestion it is possible to cure almost all diseases, starting with a cold and ending with AIDS. Of course, joint treatment is also on this list.

Cleaning begins with taking 3% fasting peroxide three times a day, dissolving three drops in a tablespoon of water. Gradually, the volume must be adjusted to 10 drops per spoon. Reception lasts 10 days. Then you need to take a break for 2-3 days and you can repeat.

Healthy joints - the key to an active happy life. Take care of your health, start taking measures not when the problem “becomes an edge”, but give priority to prevention.

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