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Blue nevus (blue): causes and reviews

Blue nevus: causes and treatment Birthmarks that are located on the skin of a person are called nevuses in medicine. Nevuses can be of different types and character. The blue nevus is also called the blue nevus of the Yadassono Tiche.

Thuja tree

In culture, Evergreen shrubs, rarely very large trees up to 70 m tall [4] with a crown diameter of 2.5 (up to 6) m. Young plants have soft needle-like leaves, adults have scale-like, opposite patterns.

Dove Swallow

Description of the Fin Lobster - a unique perennial grass or shrub of small height. Its shoots are on top, often curl. The rhizome of the plant is short, horizontal. Brownish roots are attached to it.

Tip 1: How to Get Rid of Lip Jams

How to quickly get rid of seizures Very often on the eve of important events in life, the body is so depleted that various unforeseen failures in health occur in it. Usually they do not cause serious consequences, but bring tangible discomfort.

5 ways to get rid of snoring at home

What is snoring? Snoring is a noisy sound from the nasopharynx that occurs during sleep. He is a harbinger of sleep apnea. During rest, respiratory arrest appears, the person feels constantly tired and irritable.